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How Electric Guitars Work

How Electric Guitars WorkElectric guitars are considered one of the more significant inventions of the 20th century. This holds true from the popular music culture point of view. The electric guitar has its roots in the original acoustic guitars, obviously. In order to cater to larger audiences, the sound produced by the instrument needed to be loud and clear. The original guitar did not cater to the required and desired high quality sound production. This gave way to the electric guitar.

Rock and roll bands realized the urgent need to define the tone and character of the music produced by a guitar. This requirement was adequately fulfilled by the electric guitar. An electric guitar, as the name suggests, makes use of electricity to transmit the sounds produced. It has six strings, which are tuned with the help of a tuning peg. It has several frets and a long neck. The guitar body is usually made of solid wood and sounds are produced by the magnetic pickups. These pickups are controlled by several knobs at the end of the neck. To produce sounds, an electric guitar senses the vibrations of

Helpful Hints for Starting Your Own Rock Band

Helpful Hints for Starting Your Own Rock BandUs drummers have always fantasized about forming our own rock band and taking the big stage one day. Well let me tell you, it’s actually not all that difficult to achieve! I have toured across the country and recorded an EP with my own band, so I know what it takes. But really it all comes down to just a few things. Follow these guidelines to successfully start your own rock band!

1. Practice

Before you go center stage with a rock band, you need to make sure your own skills are up to par. The more versatile you are as a drummer, the broader reach you will have to work with different musicians. Everyone has a different ear and style of music, practice diligently in order to make sure that you are equipped with the right tools to play with different people. Also, it is difficult to be successful in a band if you can’t keep up. Often times, cover songs are a great way to start together as a band in order to focus in on a genre you

You Can Learn To Play Music On Guitar

You Can Learn To Play Music On Guitar

When you learn to play music on guitar it is one of the most rewarding things you can learn. It can be used at a variety of occasions and can also be used to make money when you become experienced. I will try to show you some simple steps to learn to play music on guitar, but it requires a lot of patience and even more practice.

You have to remember there is no easy way out you have to practice or you won’t perfect the things you have learnt. Try not to get frustrated if it does not come to you straight away because it will develop over time.

Reference material

There is a wide range of reference materials available in book and video form. These are all available on the internet. Classes are also a great way to learn to play music on guitar. In the first few pages of most guitar books there is always a short riff, and easy song’s try. Start with them and practice those for a while until you are confident enough to continue.


When it comes to buying a guitar go to a music shop and pick them up

Guitar Mania: Playing it Left Handed

Guitar Mania: Playing it Left Handed

Consider that almost ninety percent of the world’s population is born right handed. Meaning, they use their right hands more often than the left one. Their right hand is responsible for important everyday activities like writing. And where does this leave the lefties? Basically, vice versa.

In the music industry, a small minority of musicians are left-handed. Though some notable and famous performers are born lefties. Personalities like Jimi Hendrix and Dan Seals played left-handed. Is this much of a surprise? Other artists who are left-handed switch the guitar’s string for their own benefit.

How do lefties go about playing a guitar custom made for the right handed?

If you have overcame the idea of quitting, and you are among the left-handed who try so hard learning to play it your way, might as well read attentively. This can help you figure out what to do. You can actually do two things: first, you can switch the strings or you can choose to play the guitar upside down. Sounds funny? It’s a fact and pretty much effective.

Some write-ups stated it is way difficult and outrageous to create notes with a guitar positioned upside down. While others believe nothing

Guitar Pickups

Guitar Pickups

If you know a guitar player, or live with one like I do, you probably have heard of guitar pickups and wonder what the big deal is. My husband can go on and on about them for hours, and he is always talking about new ones he hopes to get. Though I don’t really understand why the different types are indeed different, he seems to know what he is talking about, and he has become an expert at installing new ones. He even knows when they can be resold and when they really aren’t worth much any longer. I wish he applied the same knowledge to other things around the house, but that’s a different story all together.

Guitar pickups, apparently, are all different. The kind you want to buy will depend on what style of music you like to play. Each of the different guitar pickups has a different sound, and if you have the wrong type, it just isn’t going to sound right. The pickup actually picks up the sound from the string before it is sent to the amplifier. So if you have a pickup made for a country sound, it’s not going to sound right when

Your Free Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Your Free Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Here is a free acoustic guitar lesson to help you improve your guitar playing skills quickly.

This guitar learning techique will teach you how to fingerpick folk-style, but in a Latin rhythm in the key of A. This Latin rhythm has eight quick beats to the measure, and is accented on the first, the fourth, and the seventh beats.

This guitar lesson will focus on using your right hand, and your thumb will play the accented beats. Your fingers will follow. Finger number one, the index finger, is to pluck the third string on beats two, five, and eight, and fingers two and three will pluck the second and first strings together on beats three and six.

In the following acoustic guitar lesson, you will chord an A for the first sample. To keep it simple, let’s take the beats one at a time…

Acoustic Guitar Lesson – 7 Steps to Chord an A:

1) First, the thumb plucks the open A string for a bass note.

2) Next, finger one plucks the third string, which is sounding an A.

3) Then fingers two and three pluck strings two and one together. These two notes will

The Number One Mistake Guitarists Make When Learning Guitar Scales

The Number One Mistake Guitarists Make When Learning Guitar Scales

There is a really common mistake that many guitarists make when learning guitar scales. This one mistake slows down their rate of progress drastically. What do you think it is? It is simply this…

They try to learn every single scale there is!

I did this myself when I first started playing guitar. I bought one of those thick guitar scale books and set about trying to learn them all. I was spending hours and hours a day learning the scales in the book. I thought that to be a “master of scales” I had to know them all! I soon realized that I was making a big mistake…

Now why on earth would this be a mistake? Surely the more guitar scales you know the better right? Well…if you had seventeen lifetimes to learn them all, then this would be true. But the fact is, our time on this planet is limited. There is just not enough time to learn every possible scale!

So why does trying to learn huge numbers of guitar scales potentially slow down your progress? Here are four big reasons…

1. You’ll feel overwhelmed.

Just thinking that you have to learn hundreds

Instantly slow down guitar solo

Instantly slow down guitar solo

Not at all few are the ones that enjoy going to concerts, regardless of age, favorite music genre or other preferences such as band and/or location. People enjoy going to concerts because their favorite artists or some classic legends are performing at a distance so close to them that it makes everything dream-like. For this reason, amateurs have always tried to reproduce their idol’s performances, especially when it comes down to guitar training. In this process artists have realized the need to slow down guitar solo performances in order to be able to better understand the musical notes, tone and generic riff performing. There are various ways to slow down guitar solo, methods applied worldwide in musical studios, even if there is always a much cheaper and similarly reliable alternative.

Every guitar student has not just once heard a guitar lick that he or she wanted to learn even if it seemed always too fast to follow, making it a very time consuming activity to try to reproduce using the normal playing speed. Trying to learn a part of a song with too much going on or the simple attempt to hear just the piano

Guitar Hero World Tour Video Game: A Great Game That You and Your Friends Will Surely Love

Guitar Hero World Tour Video Game: A Great Game That You and Your Friends Will Surely Love

Have you ever wanted to become a rock legend? Did you and your friends ever dream of performing a rock concert in fronts of thousands of people? If you have, then you should play Guitar Hero World Tour. This is the latest series of Guitar Hero and it really took the world by storm.

Instead of just guitars, Guitar Hero World Tour enables you to form a band complete with drummers, bassist, guitarist and even a singer. In this game, you and your band will work your way up to become legends of rock.

In fact, Guitar Hero World Tour is simple one of the most addictive and hottest selling video games of the year. And, it’s not just a fad but it really has become almost a way of life. In fact, some people are so serious about this game that they formed a band and are currently competing to be the best there is online with other Guitar Hero World Tour bands.

It doesn’t even matter if you don’t know how to play the guitar or drums, the game will have guides that will be

Want To Learn How To Play Guitar Easily And Effortlessly?

Want To Learn How To Play Guitar Easily And Effortlessly?

The most important thing you must do when learning how to play guitar is practice! You’re learning new things by doing the work, here, this is playing guitar, simple. By saying that, i mean playing guitar, not pulling the strings with no reason at all. And when you’re practicing, there is one thing you should never do and that is you must never, ever do it in a rush, just take your time and the results will come.

The next important thing is you need to get organized while learning new stuff. You need to start at the beginning and start playing simple chords and stuff like that. When playing guitar, just remain as relaxed as possible, relieving the tension off. The tension in your body prevents you from playing correctly and this is wrong way.

Practice every day, every single day, if that is possible, if not, just try doing it in some order, just never quit for a longer period of time and then start again. This is not the way to learn how to play guitar, it does no good for your playing. So, get habitual at playing guitar and

How To Plug A Guitar Or Bass Into A Computer

How To Plug A Guitar Or Bass Into A Computer

Every town throughout the world has one or two fully dedicated aspiring guitarists and bassists. These disciplined folks spend countless hours improving their craft. Their local musician community is made up of a small group of less-dedicated folks and people with divergent tastes in music. To the truly passionate musician, sometimes this can be frustrating. The dedicated guitarists and bassists of these communities have often surpassed the ability of local teachers, and are thus on their own following their musical heroes. Although guitar tab books and guitar lesson DVDs help, trial and error becomes the primary method.

If you are one such individual, there is a musician resource that you may have overlooked: the Internet. Now, please don’t misunderstand. I know that you have already found out about the internet. You use the internet every day and you have probably found countless guitar tab sites, guitar lesson sites, band classified sites and the like. You have learned a lot on the internet. Your eyes have found the Internet, but has your music?

When you connect your instrument to your computer, you connect your music to the rest of the worldwide community of musicians.

Guide to Buying Used Guitars

Guide to Buying Used Guitars

If you are a guitarist, you will occasionally need to replace your gear. If this isn’t the case, perhaps you’re interested in learning the guitar. Regardless, this can end up costing you a good deal of money unless you buy smart. In this case, you should consider two options instead of buying brand new instruments and gear. Firstly, you can buy products online. Secondly, you can buy used products. Both are great options. If you buy a used guitar or used amplifier online, you get the best of both worlds.

Buying used guitars online can be a challenge, but generally, it’s fairly easy to spot a good deal. You can end up getting a huge discount on your musical merchandise. Buying online saves you money because it’s extremely easy to find deals and compare guitar retailers. You have better selection, more choices, and more convinced when shopping for guitars for sale. Moreover, buying a used guitar can save you a lot of money as well. Typically, when someone sells a used guitar, they’re not selling it because there’s anything wrong with it. Usually, people sell their used musical products because they’re either no longer interested in playing