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How Electric Guitars Work

How Electric Guitars WorkElectric guitars are considered one of the more significant inventions of the 20th century. This holds true from the popular music culture point of view. The electric guitar has its roots in the original acoustic guitars, obviously. In order to cater to larger audiences, the sound produced by the instrument needed to be loud and clear. The original guitar did not cater to the required and desired high quality sound production. This gave way to the electric guitar.

Rock and roll bands realized the urgent need to define the tone and character of the music produced by a guitar. This requirement was adequately fulfilled by the electric guitar. An electric guitar, as the name suggests, makes use of electricity to transmit the sounds produced. It has six strings, which are tuned with the help of a tuning peg. It has several frets and a long neck. The guitar body is usually made of solid wood and sounds are produced by the magnetic pickups. These pickups are controlled by several knobs at the end of the neck. To produce sounds, an electric guitar senses the vibrations of

Helpful Hints for Starting Your Own Rock Band

Helpful Hints for Starting Your Own Rock BandUs drummers have always fantasized about forming our own rock band and taking the big stage one day. Well let me tell you, it’s actually not all that difficult to achieve! I have toured across the country and recorded an EP with my own band, so I know what it takes. But really it all comes down to just a few things. Follow these guidelines to successfully start your own rock band!

1. Practice

Before you go center stage with a rock band, you need to make sure your own skills are up to par. The more versatile you are as a drummer, the broader reach you will have to work with different musicians. Everyone has a different ear and style of music, practice diligently in order to make sure that you are equipped with the right tools to play with different people. Also, it is difficult to be successful in a band if you can’t keep up. Often times, cover songs are a great way to start together as a band in order to focus in on a genre you

Is Jamorama Any Good?

Is Jamorama Any Good?

Every day we listen to music. There are various music genres available on the market starting from pop, rock, jazz, folk and ending with classical music and hip-hop. Many of the songs are made with the help of an incredible musical instrument, meaning the guitar. The results are spectacular and this instrument is considered as a truly great invention.

We all would like to learn to play guitar. But, there are few people who succeed, as this instrument demands for tons of concentration and hard work. This is why there are some websites out there, provided by specialists, trying to make the learning process a little less difficult. They present the fundamentals in order to help one find out how to play guitar.

Their purpose is to prove to the world that to learn to play guitar can really be obtained after serious time of practice. The guidelines are proper for beginners and advanced users as well, not to mention that some of them offer audio samples and many other helping steps. Information is available in a wonderful style online and there are lots of Internet users who become interested in learning how to play guitar.

Rhythm and timing are

Guitar Players: Why Not Guitar Synth?

Guitar Players: Why Not Guitar Synth?

Guitar Synthesizers have been around for years. I remember seeing a picture of Pete Townsend of The Who back in the early/mid-seventies with an ARP.

Since then it has come a long way and still needs tweaking but it is usable.

The technology is there. Use it. If you do not, you are missing a lot.

Checkout Pat Metheny and others.

You can’t just plug your guitar’s output into a box and get great synth sounds. You need a 13-pin connection. This is achieved by using a specially designed hex pickup that attaches to your guitar (Roland, Axon) or use a guitar that has it built -in already. The guitar option also comes in two versions-Hex pickups or piezo. The hex pickup is the same as the external pickups. The piezo version has piezo transducers in the bridge. The piezo built -in version is better, more accurate. It will also gives you an acoustic sound via the piezo transducers. This is a great option to have because you can have an acoustic sound through an amp without bringing an extra guitar to the gig or rehearsal and you can combine this sound with the electric tones and synth

You Can Learn To Read Guitar Sheet Music

You Can Learn To Read Guitar Sheet Music

When you learn to read guitar sheet music it will be vital in expanding your guitar playing skills. Playing by ear will only get you so far and I am here to help take it to the next step. I will show you some basic tips and tricks to help you learn to read guitar sheet music and hopefully that will make you a better and more versatile guitar player.

I will now give you a list that will show you it is not hard to learn to read guitar sheet music.

Finding the right material

Most guitar books will have some basic sheet music and songs in the front pages that are designed to help you learn to read guitar sheet music quickly. Once you have basic guitar knowledge it is relatively easy to learn to read guitar sheet music. Start in small sections, one chord at a time. Use your guitar and play the chord out loud until you know it sounds correct.

Setting your self up

You will need to be in a small quite room where you will not be distracted by anything when you learn to read guitar sheet music. The only way

Simple Ways To Play Guitar

Simple Ways To Play Guitar

There are many online resources that claim they can teach you an easy way to learn guitar. The truth is there is really no easy way to learn guitar, it takes practice and a great teaching method to become an excellent musician and there is no easy way around this.


When learning to play the guitar it is important to learn the basics first. There is an easy way to learn guitar basics that is to research as much as you can online and in guitar instruction books, then attempt it yourself. Once you have learnt the basic guitar skills you will find that more advanced riffs and chords will come easily to you.

Practice makes perfect

An easy way to learn guitar is to practice and perfect something and then move on to the next thing. Practice definitely makes perfect! When you practice you will move through chords with easy and be able to make a smooth transition from basic chords to more advanced riffs.

Selecting an instrument

When you first find an easy way to learn guitar it is important to select the right guitar. Selecting a guitar is a delicate and lengthy process and should be done with

Learn To Play Guitar With Jamorama

Learn To Play Guitar With Jamorama

Ben Edward’s spellbound guitar learning system has taken keen guitar learners to new heights. This radical guitar learning method has the potential to produce really fast rewarding results. This revolutionary phenomenon in the guitar world is called jamorama and it has brought forward to the guitar players new and awesome materials.

The jamorama is loaded with 148 commanding video demonstrations with 26 broad Jam Tracts unavailable elsewhere. It is filled with 1000s of lines of tabs and simple training demonstrations of how to read guitar tabs and play by hearing. The brilliance of Jamorama enables to play practically any song upon hearing that was apparently impossible to you.

The 26 different jam tracks are an emulsification of rock; country, blues, jazz, hip-hop and dance serve you to jam along with the Jamorama Band and help you utilize the things that you have learned to put into practice. That way you will see your guitar skills boost to heights that it had never gone before. Jamorama will also help you master music notations, recognize chord structures and write out songs that you have heard on the CDs pr radio. This entire guitar learning method is fun and an

Learn Guitar Online – Its the easierst Way

Learn Guitar Online – Its the easierst Way

Have you ever tried using the internet to learn guitar playing? Well, if you haven’t tried it, perhaps it’s now time to check out the options that you have online. You see, learning to play a guitar is now possible online. So you’d better start surfing the net.

Beginners are often confused and ask different kinds of questions pertaining to online guitar lessons. Paying a guitar teacher can cost you a lot of money but if you conduct an online research, you can learn inexpensively and if you’re lucky enough, you can even learn for free.

Many individuals who previously hired guitar teachers and paid big money were frustrated when they learned about another option – and that is online guitar lessons. You don’t have to pay a very high hourly rate just to learn the basics like guitar chords, tabulators, complicated fingering methods for classical music playing, and strumming. Now you can learn all of these lessons online for free or for a much lesser fee.

Oftentimes, learning from a guitar teacher is really hard but through online guitar lessons, you can be provided with animated images, graphics, demo sounds, and video tutorials. It is

Learning Blues Guitar – Common Scales Used In Blues Guitar: Part 2

Learning Blues Guitar – Common Scales Used In Blues Guitar: Part 2

Learning blues guitar can be frustrating if you don’t know what guitar scales to use. Because of that, in this blues guitar lesson we’ll take a look at another really common scale used in blues soloing. Once you master this guitar scale, you’ll have another great weapon in your lead guitar arsenal! So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at it now…

**Blues Guitar Scale #2: The Major Pentatonic Scale**

This is one of my favorite sounding guitar scales! To my ears, it has a very bright, open and happy sound to it. Some of my students comment that its sound reminds them of country guitar. (But let’s not hold that against it! You can also use it to great effect in blues guitar solos).

The major pentatonic scale is a five note guitar scale that has this formula…

1 2 3 5 6

This formula tells us what we need to do to the major scale in order to construct this scale. As an example, we’ll work out the notes of C major pentatonic scale…

Step 1:

Write down the notes that the C major scale uses. Here are the notes we get

The Advantages of Slow Down Guitar Software

The Advantages of Slow Down Guitar Software

To some people using a slow down guitar software program seems useless as they think this won’t help at all. They have a good reason to say that, as slow down guitar software will never make you a professional player. However, they are not quite correct considering that even if slow down guitar software will not transform you into a professional it can help you a lot in improving your skills faster than ever. We all know that becoming a great guitar player gets a lot of talent, practice and patience but these kinds of programs are very useful for the less advanced players, as they can help them reach a certain high level faster than they would by using other methods.

How many times you got tired with the same old lessons and you simply wanted to learn to play your favorite song faster? Well, this is the main aspect that slow down guitar software can help you with. These kinds of programs will surely make you never lose your interest for guitar during the lessons you take because you can always learn to play a piece from time to time. Knowing how to

Learn Bass Guitar Playing

Learn Bass Guitar Playing

There are different types of guitars. You will often notice this when bands are playing. Have you ever tried playing a bass guitar? If you don’t know how to play one, then you can start to learn bass guitar playing.

Did you know that bass guitar playing is very easy? It is among the simplest musical instruments that even children can learn to play in a short time. Beginners are advised to learn the different notes one by one. This way, you will avoid being confused and some possible problems.

If this is your first time to play a bass guitar and you haven’t played any other instrument, make sure that you use the fretted guitar. This will make it easier for you to learn the notes and how to play them.

On the onset of your learning to play a bass guitar, you will not need the instrument. You will first have to concentrate on finger exercises. It doesn’t really matter which hand you use. Bass guitar can be played both by right handed and left handed individuals. Try to relax your fingers. Later on, lift your left or right hand making a ninety degrees angle with the floor.

Free Lesson On Basic Guitar Chords

Free Lesson On Basic Guitar Chords

Understanding Guitar Chords, the Key Element to Mastering the Guitar

Don’t get discouraged if you’re trying to learn the guitar. Follow the steps below and soon you’ll be playing your favorite songs by learning basic guitar chords. Once you get a feel for the basic chords, you can go deeper and learn how chords are made of major and minor guitar scales.

Popular Songs Sometimes Only Have Three Chords

Have you ever heard “Wild Thing” or “Louie Louie” and wondered what chords make up these songs? Maybe you haven’t, but at any rate you might be interested to know that these songs along with “Twist and Shout” and “Hang on Snoopy” are all built from three major chords. They are the A, D, and E chords.

What Exactly is a Chord?

What is a chord? A chord is two or more notes played together. A common type of chord is called a triad, which is three notes played at the same time. With the guitar, you can make chords by strumming, as a minimum, three strings simultaneously to send out three notes or more. It’s simple to see that with the guitar having only six strings that the max number